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If you’ve landed on this page because you were a previous customer of Smile Sensation UK, or perhaps you simply came across an old link still going the rounds on Google or Bing, we’d just like to explain what’s happening.

Approximately 2 years ago we came across a new teeth whitening product which was quite revolutionary at the time – and if truth is told – still is.

It was a product that whitened teeth in two thirds of the previous time that was being taken by competitors who were using weak levels of bleach or possibly Sodium Bicarbonate.

It was so effective in our tests  (although as expected – results were influenced by age, sex, lifestyle, genetics and the intake of certain antibiotics) that we decided to ditch all other products in favour of this new, dentist made and dentist approved creation.

It carries full EU safety certification and does not contain weak levels of Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide bleach and neither does it contain Sodium Bicarbonate, all of which, are only effective as teeth cleaners rather than teeth whiteners.

The problem is, a large number of people have TEETH which are stained – from the inside out – and not mere surface staining.

Weak bleach and toothpastes can, with regular brushing over several weeks or months, clean the surface, but they aren’t strong enough to change the intrinsic (inside) colour and it’s this that manifests itself as the color that people see when you smile.

So how can you tell if you have internal discolouration, or merely light surface stains?

Well your dentist is the only skilled professional who can give you the definitive answer to that question and offer advice, however there is information open for everyone to view in the public domain, which will tell you that if your teeth have more or less always been off white, cream or yellow, or indeed any colour except a nice, bright white shade for as long as you can remember, then you probably have an internal colour issue, however, if you can once think back to a time when you can clearly remember having had a nice set of white teeth that you were happy with, but your smile has merely lost its brightness over the years and they’re now simply looking less white than they used to be, then you probably have surface staining

If TEETH are discoloured from the INSIDE, then a weak surface cleaner in the form of a whitening toothpaste or whitening gel (even with the use of a LED lamp – colloquially referred to as a Laser) will produce very little, if any noticeable effect whatsoever.

If you’ve used whitening toothpastes in the past or weak bleach and you’ve noticed very little – if any change – your TEETH are more than likely discoloured – NOT simply the surface.

Our 20 minute product, is not a surface cleaner, it’s a teeth whitener.

Plus, because its main creator is an individual who used to work for Colgate Palmolive and helped formulate many of the world’s most famous brands, it has been created by someone who knows the business of tooth whitening very well indeed.

Now we’re NOT saying this is the Holy Grail of teeth whitening so to speak – and that everyone in the world, regardless of the colour of their teeth (and why they are the colour they are) will experience an earth shattering experience, that’s simply living in cloud cuckoo land, however we ARE saying, that this is the most effective product we’ve seen on the market and produces the best results (in most cases) that we’ve witnessed on people who’ve used it.

We therefore changed our name to 20 Minute Teeth Whitening, launched a new website but left the old Smile Sensation UK website on-line so that former customers would know where we can be found and why we’ve changed our name.

Our current 20 Minute Teeth Whitening prices can be viewed on this page by referring to the prices shown on the reproduced header image above which appears on our new site, but full details, including a FAQ page and Before and After Photographs etc., all appear on the new site which can be viewed by clicking HERE we’ll look forward to seeing you there.

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